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Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our language school has everything you need to learn Spanish.

There are plenty of different reasons to take Spanish lessons. It might be to learn about a new culture or start to speak a new language, while some students want to get in touch with their heritage or learn a new skill. Many students also sign up for online Spanish classes. Taking Spanish lessons online will also allow you to travel around 20 different countries where Spanish is the official language.

Why learn Spanish with Lingoda?

There are many reasons why you should choose Lingoda for your online Spanish courses. Our online Spanish classes are taught only by native-speaking teachers that can give you personalized feedback in real-time. In the Spanish classes, you will find that all the teachers provided by Lingoda are fully certified and come with years of experience. Prior to giving Spanish lessons online, our teachers go through a thorough interview process to make sure that they are capable of providing an excellent level of teaching to our students.

Have a look at Lingoda’s Spanish Online Courses: Intensive Spanish Courses, Immersive Spanish Courses, Spanish Private 1:1 Courses, Spanish Conversation Courses, Spanish Evening Classes for busy people, Spanish Grammar Courses, Spanish Reading Courses. Our Spanish teachers come from all over Spanish speaking countries, so you’ll learn also to recognize many Spanish accents and varieties!

CEFR levels explained

At Lingoda, we follow the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) guideline. With the use of the CEFR, we can provide you with a structured set of Spanish classes that can take you from a beginner level up to an advanced level. The Spanish courses go from level A1 to level B2. Here you will understand more about what these classes entail.

Absolute Beginner


You will learn how to use familiar everyday expressions, as well as put together basic sentences.

The classes will also be able to teach you how to introduce yourself and others.

During the A1 course, you will learn to interact in a simple conversation.



During the A2 course, you will learn to understand familiar topics, such as groceries, sports, and family.

The course will educate you in communicating routine tasks.

By the end of the course, you will be able to describe your background and past experiences.



The B1 course will help you learn how to discuss basic topics like work, school, etc.

During this course, you will apprehend to handle situations whilst traveling.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to understand texts on familiar topics.



The B2 course will help you understand how to read complex texts.

You will be able to talk and communicate with native speakers.

By the end of the course, you should be able to write and explain various viewpoints, as well as argue on certain positions.

What type of Spanish courses are offered by Lingoda

At Lingoda, we will be able to provide you with a vast array of courses for your Spanish classes. You will be able to choose between a Private lesson and a group lesson with 2 to 4 other students. Depending on your language goals, you can also choose to take Immersive or Intensive Spanish classes if you subscribe to a Language Sprint. Whichever course you decide to take, you will be able to choose from a selection of classes that are available 24/7.

Easy steps to get started with Lingoda’s Spanish Courses

Starting your courses with Lingoda is simple, first, you must choose a plan for your courses. You can pick from monthly, short-term, or even long-term plans. Then you take a placement test. The test is built to measure your language skills. After you have received your results, you will be able to book a class. You will be able to start learning instantly after you book your courses with our digital material that you can use to study and prepare for the class.

What are the benefits of CEFR?

Internationally recognised

Created by the Council of Europe, CEFR has become the benchmark for assessing linguistic ability throughout Europe and much of the world.

Standardised and structured

CEFR offers a standardised way of measuring knowledge, regardless of the language in question. It also provides a rounded education, covering learning activities such as listening, reading, speaking and writing.

A clear path to fluency

CEFR learners are divided into 3 levels (A, B, C), with each group divided into 2 sub-levels. So you can manage and track your progress easily.

How it works


Choose a plan

Select from a choice of monthly, short and intense or long-term plans


Take a placement test

Measure your language skills accurately with our quick and easy test


Book your class

Choose the topics that interest you and the times that suit your schedule


Start learning instantly

Download the materials before class and get the most out of your lesson


Choose a plan

Select from a choice of monthly, short and intense or long-term plans


Take a placement test

Measure your language skills accurately with our quick and easy test


Book your class

Choose the topics that interest you and the times that suit your schedule


Start learning instantly

Download the materials before class and get the most out of your lesson

Ready to start learning with Lingoda?

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Frequently asked questions

When you sign up for language classes with Lingoda, you will have all the material you need and more available to you. At the end of each lesson, you will be able to find the digital material on your portal and you will get the chance to print it out, study it, and practice your Spanish. You will also be able to find extra material and quizzes that can help you practice and learn the language outside of the class.

The time it will take for you to learn Spanish depends entirely on yourself. Lingoda will provide you with top-notch education and native-level speaking teachers that can guide you through your adult Spanish classes. As is the case for learning any new skill, being able to speak Spanish fluently will come with a lot of practice and focus. You can start reading a Spanish book, follow a series in Spanish, or practice the language with a native speaker outside of class.

Spanish is known to be one of the easiest languages to learn, as it has similarities with other languages around the world. To learn the language, you will still need to apply yourself to learn the grammar and vocabulary, but you will find that picking up Spanish will not be as much of a challenge as you imagine.

There are about 572 million Spanish speakers around the globe and around 20 countries that use Spanish as their official language; they can also be found on three different continents. These countries include Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, and even Equatorial Guinea. Therefore, if you wish to travel in Latin America, Spain, or part of Africa, then Spanish will come in handy, and it will make your trip way more fun.

You will find that being able to speak Spanish fluently will bring you plenty of advantages if you choose to study in Spain. Being able to speak Spanish will help you out understanding the courses, have conversations with your classmates, as well as to speak with your teachers. Depending on the courses you will be studying, the ability to speak Spanish will be seen as a true advantage.

At Lingoda, we proudly follow the CEFR guidelines and ensure to provide our students with the highest level of language learning quality. Therefore, it is important for us that you understand what this means. The CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This is an internationally recognized guideline for language learning, and it will allow you to fully prepare for a language exam, as well as to become a fluent Spanish speaker. The CEFR also allows us to give you a certificate of completion which gets accepted by numerous institutions globally. These are some of the main reasons why we find it important to follow the CEFR standards.

There are some things to keep in mind when you start learning a new language. The most important thing is that it will take time. Make sure to set yourself some realistic goals for your language learning journey. Keep in mind that you will not always have an easy class, sometimes you will need to put more effort into understanding one topic over another. It will take some time for you to understand the language and be able to speak it, so you mustn’t put too much pressure on yourself to become fluent in the language in an unrealistic time frame. If you want to pick up the language quicker, be prepared to listen and read before you feel entirely comfortable speaking and writing in Spanish. By absorbing the language passively, you will be able to start communicating in a more fluid manner.

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