Take an Online A2 Spanish Course

Whether you want to learn a new language, get in touch with your heritage, have the chance to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, or work with a Spanish company, taking A2 Spanish courses will come in handy. When you learn Spanish, you will also get the chance to learn about another culture. There are many advantages that come with learning Spanish and taking an A2 Spanish online Spanish course.

Spanish is also one of the most used languages in the world. In fact, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with over 572 million Spanish speakers around the globe. With your new Spanish skills, you will also get the chance to enjoy a whole array of books, films, and art that was created by native-Spanish speakers. Whether you want to travel around Spain to try patatas bravas in Madrid and visit the architecture created by Gaudi in Barcelona, or visit South America and enjoy its vast natural landscape and culture, knowing how to speak Spanish will always be an advantage.

Have a look at Lingoda’s Spanish Online Courses: Intensive Spanish Courses, Immersive Spanish Courses, Spanish Private 1:1 Courses, Spanish Conversation Courses, Spanish Evening Classes for busy people, Spanish Grammar Courses, Spanish Reading Courses. Our Spanish teachers come from all over Spanish speaking countries, so you’ll learn also to recognize many Spanish accents and varieties!

Spanish A2 level overview

The Spanish A2 level course will teach you to…

Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance

Communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information

Describe in simple terms aspects of your background

Learn A2 Spanish: Courses for Beginner Students

Learning Spanish with Lingoda is quite convenient and effective. With our A2 Spanish online course, you will get the chance to choose your own times since we provide lessons 24/7. Moreover, you will also be able to learn Spanish from a native-level teacher, ensuring you the best kind of Spanish education.

Lingoda provides fully CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) accredited classes which means that you will be able to take your journey with us from beginner levels (A1 and A2) up to an intermediate and upper-intermediate level (B1 and B2). The convenience and benefits of learning Spanish online are many, and you will find that the results are equal to or better than attending the courses in person.

Topics you will cover in your A2 level Spanish courses

Following the second stage of the CEFR basic level category of Spanish, you will be covering various topics while taking A2-level Spanish lessons. During your A2 level Spanish courses you will be able to learn how to understand sentences, as well as frequently used expressions which are related to topics of immediate relevance, such as very basic personal and family information, going to do groceries and shopping, local geography, talking about professions. Moreover, at the end of this course, you will also be able to communicate in a simple manner and explain routine tasks which require just a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar matters. Lastly, the A2 course will also teach you to describe in simple terms aspects of your background and your immediate environment, as well as matters in areas of immediate need. If you take private lessons, you can also cover topics of your personal choice in addition to the basic curriculum.

Why should you choose Lingoda for your A2 Spanish lessons?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to choosing Lingoda for your Spanish courses. Our online Spanish lessons are held 24/7, this ensures that you will be able to take a lesson at any time of the day and whenever it fits you best regardless of your responsibilities. At Lingoda we are also extremely student-centred and our prime goal is to provide the best quality of education while keeping our students in the centre of our decisions. If you choose to start your Spanish courses with Lingoda, you will find that the process is simple. You will just have to select what type of lessons you wish to take, and whether you want to do group or private lessons. Once this is done, you can pick from one of the many time slots for your online courses. We also provide you only with native-level Spanish teachers which will teach you the language at the best level.

Sample chapters in our Spanish Elementary Course

Here’s a preview of the different curriculum chapters you’ll encounter during your Spanish A2 level courses. This is the curriculum we use for our small group classes, and our private one-on-one classes. If you choose to study a private class as well, you may be able to expand beyond these topics depending on your tutor.

In this chapter of A2 Spanish you will talk about different professions and work places. You will be able to describe your working environemnt using past tenses and combine some prepositions to talk about job hunting and your working future.

In this chapter of A2 Spanish you will expand your vocabulary about the different parts of the house and furniture. Moreover, you will practise with some irregular verbs and comparative structures to describe the place you live in and how to get a new place.

In this chapter of A2 Spanish you will discuss different cultural events such as films by using demonstrative and possessive determiners and pronouns. Moreover you will learn structures to invite people to meet and set an appointment to do something together.

In this chapter of A2 Spanish you will discuss hobbies related to sport and health and use some irregular verbs and advanced expressions to talk about what you like doing.

In this chapter of A2 Spanish you will learn how to combine verbs in complex structures to talk about your goals in life. Moreover you will also practise with the double negation in Spanish to talk discuss your future.

Try 4 lessons from our Spanish Elementary’s classes

Our A2 Spanish language courses are ideal for students with a little/basic knowledge of Spanish Language. If you already have some basics done, sign up for our free trial period to join group classes and try out some of our A2 Spanish lessons. This is a great way to see what an upper-beginner Spanish course looks like at Lingoda.

This is what I do


Learn simple words about different professions and workplaces.

Reviewing the perfect tense


Conjugate and use verbs using the perfect tense.

Reading: People understand each other when they talk


A reading lesson about looking for a flat (with all the vocabulary to describe a house).

Double negation


What's the double negation in Spanish? Let's find out!

Spanish A2 language basics

Tips and tricks for learning A2 level Spanish:

Learning elementary Spanish can be easy and quite fun. As you move forward with your study, check out these articles from our blog. After you covered the basics, it’s time to deepen your knowledge of Spanish language and culture

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Basic verb conjugation in Spanish for beginners

As a beginner, knowing the verb conjugation structure in Spanish is important.


15 Spanish ice breakers to meet new people

Here are 15 Spanish ice breakers you can use to meet people and get talking.


6 best Spanish language podcasts for beginners

Do you love podcasts? Here's our selectrion of Spanish top podcasts.

Frequently asked questions

In the Lingoda online courses, you will be given all the digital material that is needed to learn and practice your Spanish. As soon as you have signed up for a Spanish course with Lingoda, you will have the possibility to download all the class material free of cost and have the chance to use the material available to you outside of class. We encourage our students to take their learning outside of the lesson and practice their Spanish with the material they have been given. Moreover, outside of the class, you will also be provided with quizzes that will help you go over the topics you studied during the lesson and refresh your memory on past material. Our students have the privilege to also access extra learning material to enjoy during their free time or to use as practice for language exams. All the material provided has been created by experts and follows the CEFR guidelines.

At an A2 Spanish level you should be starting to learn about different past tenses in the language. Here you will also learn to speak about past experiences, including what you have done in your life, and explain about different stages of your life. A2 Spanish course will improve your vocabulary so that you can start speaking about new topics.

Lingoda is not a language learning application. Here we believe that live interaction and customised feedback are essential when learning a new language. As an online language school, we will provide you with a native-level teacher that will be able to teach you the topics, encourage you to use the language, as well as give you feedback and answer your questions whenever you need it. At Lingoda, you will be provided with live and online classes held by experienced teachers who have been certified to give you the best education. Unlike a language learning application, during your life lessons, you will be able to interact with your classmates and teachers and use your newly acquired Spanish skills.

The length of time it will take you to improve your Spanish is entirely up to you. Lingoda will be able to provide you with the material you will need to practice the language, as well as with a native-level teacher that will guide you through the course and help you progress to the next level. However, just like any other new skill, learning a language gets easier the more you practice it. Most students that wish to improve their Spanish quickly usually choose to start reading a book in Spanish, follow a series in Spanish, or start speaking with native Spanish speakers regularly to make sure that they practice what they have learned. However, Lingoda also offers intensive courses which will help you improve your Spanish in a shorter period.

At Lingoda, we are proud to offer you courses that follow the CEFR guidelines. Therefore, it is important for us that you understand what this means. CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This is an internationally recognized guideline that will allow you to prepare and excel in language exams, as well as receive globally recognized language certificates.

All the teachers you will find at Lingoda are native-level speakers with years of experience. We will only provide you with highly qualified language teachers that went through a strict selection process and rigorous training. Our training ensures that all our teachers are capable of teaching their lessons following the Lingoda methods and standards to fulfil your expectations.

At the end of each course, you will be receiving a certificate of completion to prove that you are able to pass on to the next Spanish level. This official certificate from Lingoda will be issued following the CEFR criteria and it will be accepted in many institutions around the world. Nonetheless, to receive a certificate you will need to have completed at least 90% of the course. At the end of the course, you will be able to print out the digital certificate and use it for whatever you would like.