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  • Nikolai’s story

    From barman to working on a cruise ship, read how learning English with Lingoda made that happen.

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  • Why take the Sprint?

    Leah shares her journey to language success and how the Sprint changed her life.

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  • French dream pursuit

    Dasha shares how Lingoda helped her reach her goal of working in a French-speaking restaurant.

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Teacher success stories

  • Meet Judith: German teacher

    Judith shares a day in her busy life as a teacher, a mum who loves cooking, and a language enthusiast.

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  • Meet Alan: English teacher

    Alan, from Arizona, USA, shares why he loves teaching and why he keeps returning to this profession.

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  • Meet Erika: German teacher

    Erika, an intrepid explorer, shares her insights on how languages can enrich your life.

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  • Yes, it is. Our classes are held on Zoom’s secure platform, and all payments are made securely with SSL-encrypted transactions. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for some of our courses. Our teachers are certified, and our courses are designed according to CEFR standards. After each level, you receive a certificate of completion.