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Read about what happens in a class, how to get started and how Lingoda will help you speak with confidence.

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Learning online with Lingoda

  • Time to practise speaking

    Our classes are designed with the student in mind, so you have time to talk and practise your pronunciation.

  • Receive personalised feedback

    The best way to learn is from your mistakes. Maximise each lesson with customised feedback from your teachers.

  • Discover different accents

    Train your ears for real-life interactions with access to over 2,400 international teachers and ways of speaking.

What courses does Lingoda offer?

  • Sprint

    2-month challenge with big rewards – for learners who want extra motivation.

    • Earn 50 % cashback or more in class credits
    • Group classes with 3–5 students
    • 30 or 60 classes in 2 months
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  • Flex

    Most popular

    Build your own language journey – for learners who want more flexibility.

    • Learn anytime – at your pace
    • Cancel or change intensity every 4 weeks
    • Group or 1-on-1 private classes
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  • Teams


    Pre-booked classes with a dedicated team – for learners who want structure and support.

    • Fixed classmates and teachers
    • 2 intensities: 4 or 6 classes per week
    • 48 group classes in 8 or 12 weeks
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How to get started learning

  • STEP 1

    Sign up to Lingoda

    Choose a course intensity that matches your language learning goals.

  • STEP 2

    Book your classes

    Select the day, time or topic you’d like to learn with the click of a button

  • STEP 3

    Start learning immediately

    Prepare for your classes by downloading the lesson plans in advance.

See what a Lingoda class looks like


Our learning levels explained

Read our quick overview of Lingoda’s course structure

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Take placement test



Use familiar everyday expressions

Introduce yourself and others

Interact in a simple conversation



Can understand familiar topics

Can communicate routine tasks

Can describe your background



Discuss basics like work, school etc.

Handle situations whilst travelling

Understand text on familiar topics



Can understand complex texts

Can talk with native speakers

Can write and explain viewpoints



Can read and write complicated texts

Can express yourself fluently

Can use language creatively

Learn a language you can use

Each level is split into grammar, vocabulary and communication chapters and designed to complement each other, meaning that with each class, you’re practising what you’ve learned.

  • Introduce yourself in German

    Learn to introduce yourself, say how you are and ask other people how they are doing.

    Download lesson
  • Discuss your career in English

    Learn how to say what your job is, where you work and the names of common job titles.

    Download lesson
  • Make plans in French

    Learn the months of the year and other essential expressions to say when things happen.

    Download lesson
  • Share your likes in Spanish

    Learn everyday phrases to talk about your likes and dislikes using the verb 'gustar'.

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Keep learning at any time

To help you build on everything you’re learning, you have access, any time you want, to lots of great resources.

Recap classes to help test your knowledge
Annotated PDFs from all your teachers
Homework for each lesson and a self-study area
Blog filled with additional resources and tips


Hard work pays off with Lingoda

Whether you’re looking for a high-frequency course to learn faster or are committed to a long term goal of fluency, with our selection of courses, you can choose how often and how quickly you want to learn.

Frequently asked questions

You don’t have to take your classes in the order they’re laid out as each lesson is independent of the other. However, we recommend taking the orientation class at the beginning of the level to help guide you.

Once you have completed a level, all students receive a Lingoda certificate, verifying your accomplished skills. We structure our classes based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an internationally renowned standard that guides you from Absolute Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1).

As a Lingoda student, you can download the class materials for free and use them at any time. After your class, you will also find a quiz to help you refresh and practice your new skills. For English and A1 German students, downloadable exercises are available as well. All materials are uniquely created by Lingoda experts to align with CEFR standards. If you want to learn more about CEFR, view here.

After scheduling a class on our platform, you will be able to join the class with 2-4 fellow students from around the world. The teacher will introduce themselves and begin teaching the lesson using learning materials that you can download at the end of class. During the class, we encourage you to interact not only with the materials and the teacher but also with the students. Towards the end of class, the teacher will recap the lesson and ensure everybody has understood the lesson.

No, we are not a language learning app. We are an online language school and the best language learning website. And like any school, we offer live classes with certified, native-speaking teachers. We believe that nothing can replace live interaction and customised feedback from a real person. Learn languages online with Lingoda.

Preparing to learn with us is simple. You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer and the free video conferencing tool Zoom.

It depends. As is the case when learning any new skill, your progress depends on your efforts. If you would like to learn quickly, then we suggest that you make language learning a consistent habit. Also focus and participate in class and complete the downloadable materials at the end of each class for best results. It also depends on which of Lingoda’s online language courses you choose, as some of our plans are more intensive than others.