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Speech waves to fluency: Lingoda launches a new brand identity

Today, Lingoda launches a new look, to create a bold, modern, and authentic brand in the language learning space. The idea is simple but effective: Lingoda’s new brand identity is highlighting the journey of learning a foreign language.

Lingoda announces the Lingoda Team Challenge: the future of online language learning

With this initiative, Lingoda goes against the grain of isolation dynamics by offering a program that combines collaborative teamwork, a sense of belonging and enjoyment to stimulate virtuous learning habits, motivation and perseverance.

Lingoda and Cambridge Assessment English join forces to revolutionise language assessments

Students can now take the Linguaskill from Cambridge test online with Lingoda, with results available within three working days, accepted by numerous employers, educational institutions and governmental bodies worldwide.

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Sprachen lernen und Gutes tun: Wie Lingoda Menschen in Not helfen will – Die Idee: Durch eine gemeinsame Herausforderung werden Familie, Freunde und Kollegen zum gemeinsamen Lernen animiert. Dank des vollständig digitalen und flexiblen Ablaufs spielen Faktoren wie Zeit und Ort plötzlich keine Rolle mehr.

Want to speak German? How to overcome the challenges holding you back – Of all the challenges that can come with being an expat, learning the language can be the most frustrating – and we don’t just mean the difficulties of dealing with der, die and das.

Learn German with Lingoda’s Team Challenge – The all-online Lingoda Team Challenge is for friends, family and workmates from across the globe to work together to boost their language-learning skills.

We are a Bona Fide Language School, reveals Michael Shangkuan CEO at Lingoda – At Lingoda, we offer online, live language classes available 24/7 in English, Business English, German, Spanish, and French with over 1,000 qualified, native-speaking teachers.

Here are the winners of The Europas Awards 2020 – Lingoda, Germany, building the one-stop language learning ecosystem centered around the live classroom.

Here’s the best way to learn German (or any language) from home – Flexibility is vital in these strange times. Millions of people have found they can work from home. With Lingoda’s fully online classes, you can also go to school while remaining in the comfort of your own home.

Why should you learn a language online during a global pandemic? – The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of insecurity for everyone, especially around work. Lingoda, the number one trusted online language school, explains why, now more than ever, learning a language could help you open new doors.

10 European language learning startups – Based in Berlin, Lingoda is a replacement of the traditional classroom. As an online language school, it offers English, Spanish, German and French courses with native speakers. Users are able to choose between one-to-one or group classes and get instant access to Lingoda’s digital curriculum.

How much Americans would pay to ‘be good in bed’ – A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with looked into the dreams and desires of 2,000 Americans and found that the average respondent is willing to part ways with $5,694.20 to instantly be able to speak a foreign language.

Linkedin benennt die 25 „gefragtesten Startups” – Die Auswahl der Top 25 folge dem Verhalten von mehr als 575 Millionen Linkedin-Mitgliedern in vier Bereichen, heißt es von Linkedin.

Zwei Brüder sammeln 3,7 Millionen Euro ein – Mit einem Millionen-Investment tritt die Online-Sprachschule Lingoda gegen die Wettbewerber an. Prominente Investoren glauben an das Konzept.

Lingoda: 3,7 Millionen Euro für Online-Sprachschule – Insgesamt 3.7 Millionen Euro haben mehrere Geldgeber in Lingoda gesteckt, darunter die German Start-ups Group und Mountain Partners. Beide sind bereits Altinvestoren. Das Start-up bietet Sprachkurse in Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Spanisch an.

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Executive team

Michael Shangkuan, CEO

Mike is an EdTech entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and polyglot, speaking six languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese. As a pioneer in language learning, he is the CEO of Lingoda GmbH, Europe’s leading online language school, where he is in charge of the company’s strategy and daily business. Previously, he held the position of CEO of Terra Education, a B-corp offering life-changing service learning summer programs to teens in Africa, South America, and Asia. Mike has lived in six countries across four continents. Less known, he is a former natural bodybuilder and competed at several international competitions. He is a graduate of Yale University and he holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Fabian Wunderlich, CFO / Co-Founder

Fabian founded Lingoda together with his brother Felix. As its CFO, he is responsible for Business Analysis, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Controlling, and Investor Relations. Born and raised in a family of teachers, Fabian has lived in the US, China, France, the UK, Brazil and, of course, his native Germany. Fabian led Lingoda as CEO in the first 5 years, where he was recognized as Top 10 Language Learning Companies Globally (Crunchbase) and Top 25 Startups in Germany (Linkedin).

Felix Wunderlich, VP Sales & Partnerships / Co-Founder

Felix founded Lingoda together with his brother Fabian. As VP Sales & Partnerships he currently oversees the company’s expansion in the B2B and B2G (Business to Government) markets. Since the company’s founding in 2013, Felix has managed almost all departments at Lingoda, and he also covers the role of Managing Director. His background is in the offline language school market where he has worked as a Department Head for one of the leading chains of offline language schools in Europe.

Charlotte Gaudin, Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff at Lingoda, Charlotte is responsible for the company’s overall operations, execution, processes, strategy and staff, which includes over 1,000 qualified, native speaking teachers across the world, in addition to a team of over 100 international employees based in Berlin. Proud to be the first woman among Lingoda’s senior management, Charlotte has been with the company almost since its foundation in 2013, and has worked on almost all departments, except engineering. As bilingual French-German with a passion for heavy metal music, she spent her professional life between the two European capitals of Paris and Berlin. Charlotte also lived in the Netherlands, where she studied International Business and Management at NHL Stenden University.

Paul Cumiskey, VP Marketing

As VP of Marketing, Paul is responsible for defining and leading all Lingoda’s marketing efforts. He has been in the role since February 2018. Previous to that, he gained over fifteen years experience within London based multinational blue chip organisations including BBC Worldwide; Betfair & News Corp, winning several highly acclaimed marketing awards in the process. He is currently learning German with Lingoda, his most difficult challenge yet.

Stefan Ludwig, VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Stefan is responsible for Lingoda’s technological backbone. He leads and guides a remote team of engineers in their mission in building a superior platform for Lingoda’s students and teachers to connect across the world. He has been with Lingoda since the company’s founding in 2013, where he has thrived in his passion for experimenting with new technologies. Stefan studied Computer Science with Economics (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Stephen Yang, VP Product

Stephen is a Taiwanese American who moved to Berlin at the beginning of 2017. As the VP of Product at Lingoda, Stephen is responsible for driving the product strategy to help make our vision of empowering anybody to master a language a reality. Before joining Lingoda, he held positions in the EdTech industry at Skillshare and Mobility space at Omio and Circ. He is a graduate of Columbia University where he studied Environmental Engineering and was on the varsity swim team.

Serena De Maio, Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer of Lingoda, Serena is responsible for the strategy and planning of the Sales & Marketing departments across all markets. Prior to joining Lingoda, Serena gained 15 years of experience in beauty, fashion, food, retail and the entertainment industry. She has held several senior management positions in the marketing and sales departments of multinational corporations, such as Procter & Gamble, where she led the commercial and marketing strategy of 40 European markets and founded three startups in the fashion, food design and management training industry. Italian by birth and Swiss by adoption, Serena studied general management and marketing in France and taught marketing strategies to MBA students in leading European universities for several years. Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish, she sometimes mixes up several languages in one sentence.

Awards & Accolades

2018 – LinkedIn Top Startups

Lingoda was named among the 25 most sought-after startups in Germany.

2020 – The Europas Awards

Lingoda was a finalist in The Europas Awards in the ‘’Hottest EdTech Startup’ ’category.

2020 – Crunchbase

Lingoda ranks 7th globally in the language learning category and 48th among tech companies with >100 employees in Berlin.


2018 – LinkedIn Top Startups

Lingoda was named among the 25 most sought-after startups in Germany.


2020 – The Europas Awards

Lingoda was a finalist in The Europas Awards in the ‘’Hottest EdTech Startup’ ’category.


2020 – Crunchbase

Lingoda ranks 7th globally in the language learning category and 48th among tech companies with >100 employees in Berlin.

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Lingoda is the number one trusted online language school. Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2013, we provide convenient and accessible online language courses in German, English, Business English, Spanish and French to over 40,000 students worldwide. Our private and small group classes are taught by over 1,000 qualified, native-speaking teachers. With over 450,000 classes available per year and accessible 24/7, our mission is to empower even the busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential — at any time, from anywhere.

We believe in a communicative approach to language learning: mastering a language means being able to speak it with confidence. Our CEFR-focused learning materials are designed by linguistic experts and focus on meaningful topics that are applicable to our students’ interests, careers and everyday lives. Thanks to our extensive rotating roster of teachers and our small group classes, students are exposed to a variety of regional accents and expressions within the same language and have the time and space to practice speaking in every lesson.

Our diverse team includes over 100 international professionals from 30 countries and 40 languages. In 2020, Crunchbase listed Lingoda among the 10 largest online language learning companies globally. We have a score of 4.6 on Trustpilot and 75% of our reviews rated as ‘excellent’ because we offer a high-quality and authentic learning experience that helps students achieve their learning goals and transform their lives. For more information, visit this link.

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