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This is love: A Lingoda’s Survey on love languages

A Valentine’s Day survey on all things love languages. How do we prefer to show and to receive affection?

Realistic goals are key to reach your (language-learning) resolutions this year

Resolutions make us hopeful and longing for change. But why is it so hard to stick to them? And how can we change that pattern to finally accomplish our goals?

Learning Languages: Human or AI? Insights from a Recent Survey

Read the results from our survey on the future of language learning and learn.

More than half of Americans struggle with speaking another language confidently, unless alcohol is involved

Survey finds Americans feel more confident speaking a foreign language after a few drinks.

US singles are more likely to “swipe right” on bilingual dating profiles, poll finds

Speaking more than one language improves your chances of matching on a dating app. Lingoda asked singles about language skills and dating profiles.

Report: How long it takes to gain confidence speaking a new language

Lingoda report shows women feel confident sooner than men when learning a language and place importance on confidence more often.

Lingoda's report on inclusive language: How important is it to language learners?

Lingoda study finds women are more familiar with gender-inclusive language and place more importance on it than men. Results and tips on inclusive language in education and the workplace.

Survey: 85% of US language learners want their children to speak more than one language

A Lingoda study shows that 85% of US learners of English, Spanish, French and German want their kids to speak more than one language as well.

Study finds language learners are determined to keep up efforts after the pandemic

A Lingoda study finds that a majority of language learners will keep up their learning efforts beyond the pandemic.

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