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Language Proficiency Levels

What are the language proficiency levels?

Before you start to learn any new language, you need to know more about language proficiency levels. This is a fancy way of saying what level you are in your new language. Language proficiency levels start from A1 (beginner) and go all the way up to C2 (master).

The language fluency levels

When it comes to learning a new language, you might also hear your learning level called language fluency levels. Don’t worry! They mean the same thing. It’s all about what level you are at and where you want to be! It’s important to be honest about your fluency level, as you don’t want classes to be too easy or too difficult for you.


Foreign language proficiency levels can also be called the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CEFR have six levels from A1 through to C2. A1 and A2 are beginner levels, B1 and B2 are intermediate and C1 and C2 are advanced.

At A1 level a learner can make introductions, as well as ask and answer simple personal and direct questions.
At A2 level a learner can describe their background and routine tasks in simple terms, but struggle to keep the conversation going.

A B1 level learner can take part in a simple conversation, but will make mistakes and fish for words quite often.
A B2 level learner can interact easily with native speakers but still struggle with colloquialisms and academic language.

A C-level learner can express themselves fluently without much effort. They can also use language creatively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Lingoda’s language proficiency levels at a glance


What is your proficiency level?

Before you start any online course, it’s really important to know your language level. That’s why we’ve devised the Lingoda placement test. Whether you’re choosing to learn English, German, Spanish or French, you can take one of our free online level placement tests and receive your results instantly.

Back to basics: what you’ll learn.

At Lingoda, our lessons are separated into chapters. You’ll work through each chapter, in order, and build on your skills. Whether you are a C1 learner or a beginner at A1, you will work through our lesson plans and cover grammar, speaking, skills and reading topics.

With lessons ranging from ‘how to prepare for a presentation’ to ‘applying for a job’ you’ll find everything you need to feel confident in your chosen language. Each lesson topic will be adapted to your learning level, so you’ll feel confident but also inspired to learn more!

As a Lingoda student, you will also have access to thousands of learning materials as well as interactive quizzes and review activities.

Learn languages online your way

If you want to get into the habit of learning, our month-to-month packages will be perfect for you. Sign up for your free 7-day trial and experience our courses today.

If you want to commit and progress with your learning, the Lingoda Language Marathon is for you. Choose the language and course length you’d like to study and have the opprtunity to earn a cash reward.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the Lingoda Language Sprint offers you the chance to take 15 or 30 classes a month, for 3 months, and earn up to 100% of your money back!

Supportive learning at affordable prices

How it works

Certified teachers

All of our teachers are qualified and native speakers. They’ll guide you through your lessons and answer any questions you have.

Interactive lessons

Our 60-minute, interactive, live classes will get you to fluency. Each one hour class covers a topic and is CEFR level appropriate.

Real topics

Lingoda’s lessons are prepared with you in mind. We build our courses around topics which you will need in your daily life.

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We’re trusted because we care.
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Students love us because we provide a convenient and authentic experience that leads to fluency.

They have a flexible schedule like I have never seen in other language platforms. I am taking classes every day and I always choose the time that suits me best.

Language teachers from around the world have given me the ability to appreciate linguistical nuances and variations in different Spanish speaking countries.

They are really transparent and helpful for me to achieve my goal. They have live chat almost all the time and you can get your responses instantaneously.

Lingoda is a professional and authoritative platform to learn foreign languages. The tutors are good coaches and the materials are systematic and scientific.

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