Lingoda mission statement and image of Lingoda's CEO Mike Shangkua

At Lingoda, we believe language learning is one of the most important ways for somebody to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds from all over the world. 

I grew up in a bilingual household, with my parents emigrating from Taiwan to the US. This made me understand from an early age that speaking multiple languages opens up your world and allows you to understand others like nothing else. 

This is why our mission at Lingoda is to build bridges around the world through language learning. By speaking someone’s language, you learn about their identity, their culture and their ideas. Breaking down the language barrier is a first step in helping to address humanity’s challenges: it bridges cultural differences and fosters a world of inclusion. For us, language knows no boundaries.

Why “building bridges”?

Our aim at Lingoda has always been to provide a language learning environment that would truly enable people to advance in their desired language. We wanted to empower even the busiest people to be able to learn a new language – from anywhere at any time. But soon after establishing Lingoda in 2013, we realized that our mission goes deeper than just offering the best quality online language learning classes – we wanted to focus on the social and cultural aspects of learning a new language.

So in early 2022, the leadership team at Lingoda came together to find our north star mission: for this, we brainstormed the actual benefits of language learning for each of us. What we discovered was that language learning truly builds bridges between individuals, leading us to learn about each other’s cultures, backgrounds, colloquial language and traditions. Throughout the learning process, we learn about the people who speak the language, the reasons why the language functions the way that it does and how social norms differ all over the world. In turn, this also helps us to learn about ourselves. This is why we believe that language learning really builds bridges around the world and that it’s the first step towards a world of inclusion and understanding.

By building those bridges, we envision a world where cultural diversity will always be celebrated and where differences can be overcome – with the help of language learning. 

How our students build bridges with the Lingoda experience

The language learning experience with Lingoda enables all students to connect with people from all around the world in every language class. You could be in Berlin, with a teacher in Buenos Aires and classmates in San Francisco. This means that every Lingoda language class is a virtual trip around the world in which you always have one thing in common: learning a new language and connecting with your fellow students due to your interests in the language and new culture – no matter if you’re learning English, German, French or Spanish. 

Looking ahead, this is exactly what the Lingoda experience will always be about: meeting people who might be very different from yourself but who have a common goal in learning a new language and immersing themselves in a new culture. 

Building bridges within Lingoda

Our diverse team at Lingoda includes over 250 international professionals from 30 countries, speaking 40 languages. With this many languages and cultures, Lingoda is a hub for astonishingly creative and innovative ideas that we can use to build the future Lingoda language learning experience, in which everyone is included no matter where you currently are in the world or what your background might be. 

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