Choose an A2 French Course

If you already have the basic elements of the French language, continue your studies by taking a French A2 course! Most students decide to start taking French lessons because they wish to study in France or other French-speaking countries, they might want to open themselves up to the opportunity of working in a French country, they want to learn about a new culture or expand their knowledge about their heritage, and many other reasons.

French is also known to be one of the main languages used in the cultural industries. Whether you are interested in cooking, fashion, theater, dance, movies, or architecture, French will surely come in handy. Moreover, France is the world’s top tourist destination, and it hosts over 87 million visitors every year. Learning French will only make you enjoy your time in France even more. French is also a working language, as well as being the official language of the United Nations, European Union, International Olympic Committee, UNESCO, the International Red Cross, and other institutions. If these are not enough reasons to learn French, know that there are many more to be listed.

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French A2 level overview

The French A2 level course will teach you elementary French such as…

Understand commonly used terms in topics like shopping, employment, family, and geography, etc.

Talk about routine tasks and involve a direct swap of information

Explain matters of immediate need in direct terms

Learn A2 French: Courses for Elementary Level Students

Learning French with Lingoda is made simple and seamless. With us, you will be able to start learning the language in a convenient and comfortable environment. We will provide you with 24/7 choices of classes to ensure that whatever free time you want to dedicate to your French lessons, you will be able to find an available class. Moreover, Lingoda also provides a unique and effective method of learning which is applied to students of every level.

Things that you will cover in your A2 level French courses

The A2 level of French classes is the second stage of the CEFR basic level category. At this level, you should be able to talk about everyday routines in a very comfortable and clear way. The sentences you learn at this level will begin to become more complex and descriptive. During the lessons, you will also start apprehending new tenses and begin to speak in the near future and the past.

You should be able to understand frequently used sentences, as well as everyday expressions. Topics concerning family, shopping, employment, are a few of the ones you should be able to discuss. Moreover, you should also be able to understand and respond to simple questions. In regards to reading, you should start knowing how to read a more complex text that covers a vast array of topics, while also differentiating between present and past tense.

Why should you choose Lingoda for your A2 level French courses?

Here you can find all the information you need to get started with learning French online with Lingoda. Our online French courses are available 24/7, ensuring that you will be able to find a convenient time slot to fit your schedule, regardless of your profession or other responsibilities. At Lingoda we are proud to be student-centered and want to provide the best quality education while keeping you in mind.

Starting with A2 level French lessons with Lingoda is simple. You just have to select what type of classes you would like, whether it’s in a group or with a private tutor, and figure out what times will fit you best. Moreover, we also provide you only with the most qualified and native-speaking teachers. Do not worry, Lingoda will be able to prepare you to learn French the right way.

The best way to master a language is to immerse yourself in it fully. When you commit to making your language learning a habit, you're far more likely to succeed. With that in mind, you can commit to our Lingoda Sprint or Lingoda Super Sprint.

Sample chapters in our French Elementary Course

Here’s a preview of the different curriculum chapters you’ll encounter during your French A2 level courses. This is the curriculum we use for our small group classes, and our private one-on-one classes. If you choose to study a private class as well, you may be able to expand beyond these topics depending on your tutor.

Learn a range of new words to identify and describe specific places in a city, revise adjectives to talk about your area and its characteristics and go-to activities. Revise key phrases about relationships, family and friends along with verbs in present tense.

After this chapter, you’ll be able to describe your neighbourhood and your family, the activities you can do in a city and to give your opinion about must-see places and talk to your friends about the best city attractions and hotspots!

Learning how to talk about a city is great when it comes to talking about you or even planning your next city trip with your family or your friends!

Learn new words related to jobs and professional life along with different structures to give your opinion and express cause and effect. Prepare for a job interview.

After this chapter, you’ll be ready to read and respond to job offers, talk about your skills and qualities and answer questions about your work experience and strong points!

You’ll be confortable talking about your tasks at work, your work environment and apply for a job offer. You will also be able to give your opinion about your job and your experience.

Learn new words about various art forms and cultural events. Revise verbs and structures to express your likes, dislikes and preferences!

After this chapter, you’ll be able to talk about what art forms you like, what cultural events you enjoy and to explain the reasons why. You’ll also know how to invite your friends for going out and how to accept or decline an invitation. Be ready to debate with you friends about the best or worst movie you’ve ever seen!

In addition, you’ll also be able to use direct and indirect pronouns, identify and create imperative phrases and describe your favourite book, film or even painting. Time to share with others your experience of an exhibition or a show.

Learn key phrases and adjectives about sports, hobbies and places for enjoying activities. Learn how to identify the “”imparfait”” tense in a sentence and how to conjugate verbs with it.

After this chapter, you’ll know lots of new words and expressions related to sports. You’ll also be confident using the “”imparfait”” tense to talk about past hobbies and describe past habits or situations. You’ll be ready to have a conversation about different activities.

In addition, you’ll also be able to talk about your fondest memories, your favourite sports and to conjugate some verbs with vowel changes.

Learn verbs and key phrases to talk about future plans, describe an upcoming project and revise structures to answer questions about the future and your goals.

After this chapter, you’ll be ready to have a simple conversation about your future goals, talk about future opportunities and give details about a project.

In addition, you’ll be able to identify and use different future tenses and to have discussions about your certainties and doubts!

Try 4 lessons from our French Elementary’s classes

Our A2 French language courses are ideal for students with a little/basic knowledge of French Language. If you already have some basics done, sign up for our free trial period to join group classes and try out some of our A2 French lessons. This is a great way to see what an upper-beginner French course looks like at Lingoda.

Let's meet outside!


Learn how to identify specific places in the city and describe them correctly.

Learn how to identify specific places in the city and describe them correctly.


In this lesson you'll learn how to express your opinions and how to prepare yourself for a job interview.

I love culture!


A lesson about the key phrases to talk about art and culture.

The imperfect tense


This lesson is about conjugating the imperfect tense.

French A2 language basics

Tips and tricks for learning A2 level French:

Learning elementary French can be easy and quite fun. As you move forward with your study, check out these articles from our blog. After you covered the basics, it’s time to deepen your knowledge of French language and culture

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Basic French food vocabulary that you need to know!

Everyone loves food, especially the French. We'll go through essential food vocabulary you need to know in French.


Simple French phrases for beginners

Are you starting to learn French and want to jump straight into the conversation? Here are a few phrases that may be useful.


10 French ice breakers to get the conversation started

Here are some ice breakers to help you make the first move in French!

Frequently asked questions

During your time studying with Lingoda, you will be provided with all the material you might need to learn and improve your French. Once you have signed up for a French course with Lingoda, you will be able to download all the class material for free, as well as have the chance to use the material available for class during your own time to study outside of class. After class, you will also be provided with quizzes that will help you to go over the material you have studied and refresh your memory on past material. As a Lingoda student, you will also have the privilege to access extra exercise available for you to enjoy during your free time to practice your French and keep yourself up to speed with the courses. All the material which Lingoda will provide you are created by a group of experts and follows the CEFR standards.

During the French A2 level, you should be able to understand phrases and most of the basic vocabulary which is related to areas of immediate personal relevance, whether it’s family, work, or social life. At this level, you should also be able to understand the main points in short, clear, simple texts and conversations.

Here at Lingoda, we have a strong belief in live interaction and customized feedback from real people when it comes to learning a new language. We are an online language school, not a language learning application. We will provide you with native-speaking teachers that will guide you through your French lessons from day one, providing you with the education needed and solving the doubts you may have. We offer live and online courses with experienced teachers who have been certified to do so. While learning French with Lingoda, you will be able to interact online with your classmates and teachers, ask questions, as well as take part in conversations during the lessons.

Your progress with learning a new language depends entirely on yourself. Lingoda will be able to provide you with the best online language education, as well as a native-speaking French teacher but your progress depends on the effort and focus you put into learning the language. As is the case with learning any new skill, you will have to practice your French during your time outside of class, as well as be involved in the lesson. Most people decide to read a French book, watch a French movie or show, and even meet French-speaking friends to conversate with and practice the language. These tactics will certainly help in improving the language in a faster time. Moreover, Lingoda also offers intensive courses for students that wish to dedicate more time to the language and reach the next level sooner. Also, make sure to complete the extra material provided by Lingoda to practice your newly acquired skills after class.

We are proud to offer courses and curriculums that follow the CEFR guidelines. Therefore, you need to understand what this means. The CEFR stands for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This internationally recognized guideline will allow you to prepare and potentially receive a certificate that officially recognizes you as a French speaker (of whichever level you may be in) for many institutions. The CEFR levels vary from an A1 level to a C2 level, ensuring the standard for all levels of French speakers. The levels start from A1 which is for true beginners and are completed at the C2 level which signifies native-level speaking.

The teachers you will be learning from at Lingoda are all native-speaking French teachers, without any exceptions. Our teachers are all highly qualified and come with years of French teaching experience. Our recruiting process is very strict since we keep our student’s best interests in mind. We always make sure to hire teachers that can fulfill our academic expectations and successfully bring you to the level you need to be at. We also train our teachers with the Lingoda method and standard, which prepares them to efficiently and effectively teach you French online.

All our courses will allow you to receive a certificate to prove your French skill level. At the end of each of our French level courses, you will get an official certificate from Lingoda which is issued following the CEFR and accepted by many institutions around the world. However, to obtain this certificate, you must have attended at least 90% of all the lessons. After the completion of the A2 French course, you will receive an official digital certificate which you can print out and show off to everyone.