Everything you need to know on your B1 French exam

A breakdown of all the required skills for you to achieve B1 level in French.

Get Your French B1 Certificate Online

Lingoda’s online language school offers French language students the chance to earn official certificates and our system for issuing these certificates is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Essentially, this framework divides language users into six ability levels, with the third level being called B1.

Level B1, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Threshold’ or ‘Breakthrough’ stage, is the point at which a French speaker moves away from the most simplistic language usage and is able to cope with most of the situations they are likely to encounter when travelling around a French-speaking country.

In particular, a student at B1 level should be able to understand the key points from authentic speech, connect written phrases into simple text and start to communicate more complicated ideas. For example, it should be possible to describe events, experiences, expectations, ambitions and hopes, while also giving their own opinion.

Skills Breakdown

Students who study a language with Lingoda will develop a well-rounded education, which will focus on their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. With that in mind, here is a breakdown of the specific skills a learner will need in order to earn a French B1 certificate:






Tips that will help you at this level:

Lingoda Certificates

Lingoda’s French language courses are structured around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which means the certificates we issue to students enjoy international recognition. In fact, our certificates are accepted by a huge number of global employers, schools, immigration services, and more.

Every time one of our students completes a course at a specific level, they then receive the corresponding certificate, which can serve as evidence of their learning to that point. So, for instance, completion of a course at B1 level will result in the student earning a B1 French certificate. All certificates are included in the price of the course.

One of the key benefits of the CEFR’s global reputation is the fact that institutions around the world are familiar with what each level means. Therefore, if a student has a French B1 certificate, an employer or university would be able to check the framework and understand their precise language capabilities.

How are Lingoda's French courses structured?

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