Ever feel demotivated while learning a language alone? Who do you share your wins with? We understand. At Lingoda, we aim to make language learning an entertaining experience, so we’re offering a new language challenge to steer you on with support (including prizes!). As with any group activity, your drive is more stimulated by the team spirit evoked.

Learning a language alone requires self-discipline and may get lonely. However, a team challenge provides more motivation and develops rapport.

Here are 5 positives of learning a language in a team

1. Improve communication 

The most desired outcome of learning a language is to communicate effectively, but it takes time. According to Cambridge Dictionary, rapport is the ability to communicate well and have a good understanding. When learning in a team, you are able to practice your developed skills with one another; develop rapport.

Thus, building your communication skills in a teamwork environment will fasten up the process of learning effectively because you are able to practice, provide feedback, grow together. In our language team challenge, you aren’t required to take every class together but building rapport raises your potential! The next positive is that:

2. Competition is encouraged 

When learning a new language alone, you may set yourself goals, but you are the only one who is held accountable. A positive spirit of competition emerges when learning alongside others because you are in the roll of mastering a new skill together! This energy will spur on healthy competition and push you to achieve more than maybe taking the route of sole effort. 

3. Increase confidence

Research shows that 70% of employees feel more confident when they have learnt a language, so why not build that confidence together? Boosting one another’s self-esteem is guaranteed as you all enter into the field of language learning on the same level. It can be scary when you start something new, but when you know you are on the same journey as others, this can accelerate your personal and educational development. 

4. Enjoy the experience

Some people thrive off learning alone, but we are only human – we crave connections and collective energy. The advantage of teamwork is the enjoyment of a shared experience that entertains the factor of promoting empathy. For example, once you’ve achieved the challenge with us, there’s a heightened effect of feeling proud of not only yourself, but each other! 

5. Accountability 

When you learn with others, you are more inclined to keep going due to the team spirit. You may want to have an accountability partner to promote your work ethic and outcomes. Having someone who is with you every step of the way will motivate you to the end goal or you may even have similar goals to set together. 

All in all, there are many positive points of learning a language in a team and we encourage you to try out our new Lingoda Language Challenge that is sure to enhance your learning process and provide more support on your language learning journey. Don’t miss this opportunity because:

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford 

Start learning as part of a team with Lingoda! With the new Lingoda Learning Challenge you could even have the chance to win prizes as an individual, or as part of a team!

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