Learning materials for Spanish learners

young man at his laptop, discussing online how long does it take to learn spanish

Jul 15, 2024

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

Are you thinking of taking up Spanish and wondering: How long does it really take to learn Spanish? Well, the...

Smiling woman looking out from a terrace and thinking about the best ways to learn Spanish

Jul 12, 2024

The best way to learn Spanish: 10 tips

Are you looking for the best way to learn Spanish? We’re here to help! With around 600 million speakers worldwide,...

Woman sitting on couch cheering as she took as assessment test for her language levels

Jul 12, 2024

CEFR language levels made easy

‘My Spanish is good, but I’d like to be a little more fluent’. ‘My French is basic for now. I...


May 27, 2024

The fundamentals of Panamanian Spanish

Panamanian Spanish has diverse influences, which you can trace back to various corners of the world. Indigenous communities, Andalucia, the...


May 27, 2024

Adverbial clauses: Spanish phrasing rules in two steps

Are you enjoying your Spanish learning journey but find it hard to tackle adverbial clauses? Spanish, just like English, uses...


May 16, 2024

An essential guide to Chilean writers

Are you planning on moving to Chile and wish to better comprehend the country by reading the works of great...


Apr 26, 2024

A study of Argentinian Spanish

Argentinian Spanish has some unmistakable pronunciation and vocabulary, making it one of the most easy-to-identify accents for Spanish language learners....


Apr 18, 2024

A guide to Honduran Spanish

Honduran people are known for being warm, welcoming and friendly. With coffee, cacao, tobacco, crystal blue waters and rugged mountains,...


Apr 17, 2024

2 advanced Spanish grammar rules for fluent speakers

In language learning, we often focus on the basics. Today, we are tackling complex expressions with advanced Spanish grammar. Whether...


Apr 17, 2024

Relative pronouns in Spanish: basic rules you need to know

If you are an intermediate Spanish learner,  you will be interested in ways to make your language sound more complex...


Mar 26, 2024

20 Arabic words used in everyday Spanish

Are there Arabic words in Spanish? Yes, there are certainly Spanish words of Arabic origin that we use every day....


Mar 26, 2024

Spanish indefinite articles: How and when they’re used

If you’re at the beginning of your Spanish learning journey, mastering grammatical concepts such as indefinite articles can seem like...