Cultural topics for English learners

Sep 29, 2023

Introducing the Lingoda Podcast: Captivating stories for the curious language learner

Hello? Is this thing on? Okay! Gather ‘round and listen closely, because we have something to tell you…Lingoda audio learning...

21 interesting facts about 21 Spanish-speaking countries

Aug 21, 2023

21 interesting facts about 21 Spanish-speaking countries

The cultures of Spanish-speaking countries are as diverse as their accents. Whether you’re traveling or attempting to master the language,...

Group of young people are studying together in English in university in Switzerland

Aug 03, 2023

Study in Switzerland: A guide for students

Want to study in Switzerland? This gorgeous country is more than just a pretty face when it comes to educational...

5 cultural differences between the UK and US

Jul 04, 2023

5 cultural differences between the UK and US

The British playwright George Bernard Shaw once famously observed that “England and America are two countries separated by the same...

Celebrating Diversity: Why Pride Month Matters

Jun 23, 2023

Celebrating diversity: Why Pride Month matters

It’s June and celebrations for international LGBTQIA+ Pride Month are in full swing around the world – at Lingoda too!...

Your guide for moving to Mexico from the US

Jun 20, 2023

Your guide for moving to Mexico from the US

Have you dreamed of sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico while learning Spanish? Maybe you visited on vacation and...

A brief history of the European Union (EU)

May 17, 2023

A brief history of the European Union (EU)

The European Union (EU) wasn’t exactly born in one day. In fact, it took several decades and institutions for the...

One european stereotype about italians eating pasta. A boy and a girl holding both ends of a spaghetti in their mouth.

Apr 24, 2023

Are European stereotypes really true?

European stereotypes have been the subject of both curiosity and controversy for centuries. From the romanticized notions of French cuisine...


Apr 06, 2023

The 5 best films on the Cold War 

The Cold War was a decades-long period (1947–1991) of rivalry and geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet...


Apr 05, 2023

What language is spoken in French Polynesia?

French Polynesia is a group of 121 islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. Officially, it’s an overseas collectivity...

Young woman eating street food in Cologne in the honeymoon stage of culture shock

Mar 31, 2023

What is culture shock?

Moving abroad can be a great way to find new opportunities for work, learn a new language and try a...

A landscape of someone living in france would see from their window

Mar 15, 2023

Living in France: 6 pros and cons

Many people dream of living in France to fully experience its beautiful landscapes, incredible cuisine and idyllic lifestyle. While the...