Enhance your French language skills with a B2 Course

Do you want to learn French from native-level speakers? Are you interested in having a variety of teachers from different places and backgrounds teach you French? Well if so, this is the right place for you. At Lingoda we will provide you with a user-centred experience, as well as a CEFR approved certificate.

Here you will find all the information you may need to get started with advanced French courses. Whether you are looking to learn the language for academic, personal, or professional reasons, you will find that Lingoda can provide you with plenty of benefits. This page will explain to you all about our B2 level French course and what you will be studying.

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French B2 level overview

The French B2 level course will teach you advanced French such as…

Understand the fundamental idea of a complex text

Communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity

Can produce detailed text on a wide range of subjects

Learn B2 French: Courses for Upper Intermediate Students

Lingoda provides a unique and effective method for learning French which works for students of every level. You will be able to choose from beginner classes (levels A1 and A2), up to intermediate and upper-intermediate classes (levels B1 and B2). Every course you choose follows the guidelines made by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). With this in mind, you can be assured that the certificates you receive with Lingoda are internationally recognized.

Things that you will cover in your B2 level French courses

As a B2 level student, you are considered an advanced French speaker. At this level, you can understand the essential content of abstract and practical texts, as well as be able to communicate about your profession and areas of interest. At a B2 French level, you should be able to hold a casual conversation with French speakers and easily introduce yourself. When reaching this level, you should also feel confident in working in French, and the number of mistakes in your communication should be close to none. You can express yourself clearly and with plenty of details using a vast array of topics. At an advanced level, you can also give your opinion on current affairs, outline the advantages and disadvantages of certain topics, as well as debate your own opinions.

Why should you choose Lingoda for your B2 level French courses?

Lingoda will prepare you to learn French the right way. Our courses are taught by native-level speakers which can teach you the language while also providing you with the cultural touch you will need to learn about French culture. Whether you want to learn French for academic reasons, get in touch with a new culture, increase your academic skills, or just want to make a personal accomplishment, you will be able to achieve all of this with Lingoda’s courses. Our courses are offered both in groups and with private lessons, depending on what your personal needs are. Moreover, we also offer classes 24/7, which means that you can find the perfect fit for your busy schedule.

Sample chapters in our French Upper-Intermediate Course

Here’s a preview of the different curriculum chapters you’ll encounter during your French B2 level courses. This is the curriculum we use for our small group classes, and our private one-on-one classes. If you choose to study a private class as well, you may be able to expand beyond these topics depending on your tutor.

In this chapter, you will discuss student exchange programs, such as Erasmus or working holiday visas, and student life abroad.

After this chapter, you will be able to explain and present your plan to study or work abroad, as well as responding to student job offers. In addition, you will practice the use of the conditional, indirect speech, hypotheses and how to express cause and consequences.

You will reinforce your communication skills and we will be able to tackle some of the obstacles encountered in your daily life abroad, such as how to conduct a conversation in a citizens’ office. You will have various tools to make the most of your stay abroad!

In this chapter, you will share your opinion about environmental issues, endangered species, animal protection and ethics.

After this chapter, you will be able to develop your thoughts and argue about these topics and about the action plans to reduce our ecological footprint. In addition, you will learn how to use connective phrases and different structures for emphasis and you will practice the use of the subjunctive.

Thanks to this unit, you will be able to have solid argumentations and impress your French speaking Pals ! Once you have the tools you’ll be able to defend all your positions using constructed arguments.

In this chapter, you will share you own experience on managing emotions and expressing empathy.

After this chapter, you will be able to discuss about your emotions and how you feel but also compare the expression of feelings according to cultural contexts. You will cover other subjects like artificial intelligence. In addition, you will learn how to use negative structures and the “”if ever”” structure, You will also have a better understanding of past participles, specially with irregular and pronominal verbs.

Knowing how to express one’s feeling can be a tricky subject whatever the language! This chapter will give you the lexical push to share your emotions but also to communicate about other people’s emotions.

In this chapter, you will learn how to give your opinion about the Internet and how it changed our lives. You will also discuss the behavior of Internet users on social networks.

After this chapter, you will be able to write a structured blog post and a critical comment on social networks. In addition, you will learn how to rephrase sentences using nominalization, as well as understand and use idiomatic expressions.

Internet is a lot of reading… but also writing ! Have we ever written as much as we do now posting online or chatting with our friends? This chapter will help you structure your thinking and transpose it into writing, or should we say typing?

Read about different beliefs and practices, such as Feng Shui, Zen and Karma. Learn how to compare superstitions and beliefs across cultures.

After this chapter, you will be able to confront ideas, show interest, give your opinion and react to the different points of view. You will also practise to politely convince someone, as well as using exclamatory sentences.

Debating and giving your opinion is great, that’s how we discover diverse opinions and point of views and sometimes even change our mind or see things from another perspective. However, it’s important to have l’art et la manière in order to react respectfully to other people’s opinion and avoid offending people. That’s what you will learn to do in this chapter!

Try 4 lessons from our French Upper-Intermediate’s classes

Our B2 French language courses are ideal to students willing to enhance their understanding of French language and culture. If you have strong and solid basics of French language, sign up for our free trial period to join group classes and try out some of our B2 French lessons. This is a great way to see what an Intermediate French course looks like at Lingoda.

A year abroad!


How to talk about your study abroad project with a varied vocabulary.

Reacting to environmental issues


This lesson will help you debating about environmental issues.

Isolated in a social network


Learn how to share your opinions properly (and in a polite and constructive manner) on social medias.

Formal and informal French


Let's learn how to use and distinguish between formal and informal French!

French B2 language for upper intermediate students:

Tips and tricks for learning B2 French level:

Now that you have a solid foundation, here are some articles that will be helpful in your B2 level study!

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10 French idioms to help you sound more fluent

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Common mistakes with French prepositions

Prepositions are used to give extra information. Here are a few tips to avoid making mistakes with French prepositions!


How to write a formal letter in French

Need to write a letter in French? We'll go through everything you need to do to write a formal letter.

Frequently asked questions

When studying with Lingoda, you will be able to download all the class material for free and have the chance to use the material in class and on your own time. You will also be provided with quizzes after class to refresh your memory on the topics covered, as well as to practice your newly learned skills. As a Lingoda student, you will also find exercises available for you to try out during your free time to keep your French skills sharp and ready for your next lessons. All the material provided by Lingoda has been created by a group of experts and follows the CEFR guidelines.

According to theCEFR, B2 level French is the second stage of the CEFR category. B2 level means that the student is able to communicate more fluidly and spontaneously, while also using more idioms and complex sentence connectors and tenses.

Lingoda is not a language learning application. We are an online language school and provide you with native-level speaking teachers that will guide you through your French lessons. Our courses are offered live and online with certified teachers, you will never have to learn autonomously throughout the courses, except after class. You will always be able to talk to your classmates, ask questions to your teacher, and have someone to talk to if you have any doubts regarding a topic you are learning. At Lingoda, we have a strong belief in live interaction and customised feedback from real people.

The results depend entirely on yourself. At Lingoda we will provide you with a top-notch education and native-level speakers as your teachers. However, as is the case when learning any new skill, improving your French will depend on your efforts in and outside of class. If you wish to learn French online quickly, you will have to start using the language more outside of class as well. Whether you start having conversations with native speakers, read a book in French or watch a French movie, anything which will trigger you to use the French language more will increase your chances of improving the language quicker. You will also be able to find intensive courses in Lingoda which can prepare you to advance to the next level at a quicker pace if you wish to do so. It is also very important to focus and to participate during the classes, as well as complete the extra materials which you can download at the end of each lesson.

Since we are proud about following the CEFR standards, it is certainly important that you know what the CEFR is. The CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This is an internationally recognized guideline for languages that divides the language levels from A1 to C2. The level starts from A1 being basic and they go up to a C2 level which signifies proficiency. Following these standards is essential for us, as well as being important for you because these will be the topics covered during the official language level exams. These official certificates are generally needed to join a French-speaking school or work in a French company.

When studying with Lingoda you will only encounter French native speakers as your teachers, and we provide no exceptions. All our teachers are highly qualified, come with years of experience, and are from a variety of backgrounds. We are very strict in our hiring process, as we wish to keep our student’s best interests in mind. Therefore, we always make sure to hire teachers that will provide you with the highest quality of teaching and plenty of experience. Moreover, our teachers are also trained using the Lingoda method and standard, which allows you to learn French online smoothly and comfortably.

Of course! At the end of each French level, you will receive an official certificate from Lingoda. Our certificates are issued in accordance with the CEFR and are also accepted by plenty of institutions all around the world. To obtain your certificate, you will have to complete at least 90% of your lessons in the module to meet the CEFR language guidelines. Once you have completed a course, you will have achieved digital proof of your French level in the form of a certificate. You can print out the certificate, hang on your office wall, or show it off to your friends.