Lingoda editorial guidelines

About our team, mission and principles

Our mission

As the Lingoda Editorial Team, our mission is to provide helpful and informative content to language learners around the world. We aim to be a valuable resource for people who are looking to improve their language skills, whether they’re beginners or advanced learners. Our goal is to support language learners in their journeys toward fluency and to provide them with practical advice and tips. With the Lingoda blog, we cover a wide range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural aspects of language. We feature articles on language learning strategies, study tips, and insights into the challenges and rewards of learning a new language. We seek to inspire and motivate language learners and to help them achieve their language learning goals.

Editorial principles

Overall, the Lingoda blog team is committed to providing high-quality, informative and engaging content that supports language learners in their journeys toward fluency.

The Lingoda blog follows several editorial principles to ensure that our content is high-quality, accurate and relevant to our readers:

  • Expertise

    Articles are written by experienced language experts. A member of our Editorial Team edits all articles before publishing.

  • Relevance

    Our articles focus on topics that are relevant and useful to language learners.

  • Clarity

    We use clear and concise language to ensure that our articles are easy to read and understand. We aim to create content that is understood by readers of a B1 level.

  • Engagement

    The blog aims to engage readers by providing interesting and informative content that is fun and enjoyable to read.

  • Diversity

    Lingoda celebrates diversity. We aim to provide content that is inclusive and representative of different communities.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent about our sources and we do not receive compensation from third-party advertisers.

About us

The Lingoda Editorial Team is a dedicated group of language enthusiasts who are passionate about creating high-quality, engaging content that helps language learners achieve their goals and help to make language learning more accessible and enjoyable.

As a content team, we collaborate closely to ensure that our content is of the highest quality. We use a variety of tools and techniques to plan, create and distribute content, such as content calendars, editorial guidelines, and analytics tools to track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Meet the Lingoda Content Team

  • Jessica

    is the Senior Content Manager at Lingoda, where she leads a team of Content Managers and freelance authors who create high-quality blog content. Prior to joining Lingoda, she worked in various industries where she honed her skills in SEO, marketing and copywriting. She holds degrees in Media Studies and English Literature having studied in several countries. She uses yoga practice and singing in a choir to switch off from everyday life.

  • Valentina

    is working as a Content Manager Trainee at Lingoda. She speaks fluently in four languages, her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Language Sciences, and her professional experience ranges from corporate training to copywriting. She supports the team with the creation, editing and publication of high-quality content for language learners. Plant-based cooking, yoga, running and her black cat are her passions.

  • Angéline

    is a Junior Content Manager. Proficient in all Lingoda languages, she is in charge of editing and publishing high-quality blog content. Originally from France, she has been living in Germany for over a decade. With a Masters's degree in Translation and Interpretation, Angéline has worked in the localization and content marketing industries. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, doing sports and taking care of her cat Lio.

  • Maizie

    leads organic marketing as Lingoda’s Head of Content. She got her start in journalism, so even though her career has taken a different path, she’ll always have a soft spot for writing, editing and correcting people’s grammar. When she’s not working, you’ll find her reading, playing with her cat Nori, eating or traveling. She speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew, some Arabic and Greek. Now that she lives in Berlin, she’s also learning German.

Frequently asked questions

  • As a Lingoda student, you can download the class materials for free and use them at any time. After your class, you will also find a quiz to help you refresh and practice your new skills. For English and A1 German students, downloadable exercises are available as well. All materials are uniquely created by Lingoda experts to align with CEFR standards. If you want to learn more about CEFR, view here.