How it works

1. Choose a time

Are you busy? No problem! Tell us when you want to learn and set your availability. We have classes 24/7. Even weekends, nights, or early mornings? Of course!

2. Choose a class

Pick a class to suit your busy schedule on a topic relevant to your career. Target your weaknesses, work towards fluency and unlock the job you deserve.

3. Join the class!

Meet your teacher and fellow classmates. On average we have 3 students per class. We also have private classes. Go to our virtual classroom and start speaking!


When do the classes take place?

Whenever you book them! Our group classes cover all time slots. We have teachers based across all time zones who are ready to teach classes at any time – 24/7, really!

You really just need the basics: A strong internet connection. A device to connect to the internet. The free-to-use video conferencing tool Zoom.

All our teachers are qualified teachers with years of experience – no amateur tutors. They are also native speakers of the language they teach – each and every one of them!

Our courses follow an action-oriented approach with a focus on developing your speaking skills faster, as set by the communicative standards of the CEFR.
Still not sure?
Our team of language specialists can help you boost your speaking skills. Get in contact with us for more information.
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