Sometimes in life, you need a sign to start something new. The same applies when learning a new language – there must be a reason behind wanting to begin; otherwise, motivation may wear thin. Time and dedication are crucial aspects of learning a new language, so what are the signs to embark on a journey of language learning? 

Learning a new language requires its reasoning; from cultural awareness to career-strengthening, finding these signs will engage you more in unravelling what’s in store. 

Here are five signs you should invest in learning a new language

1. Motivation to live in a new country

The first and probably most predominant sign you should invest in learning a new language is moving to a new country. When moving abroad, it is not compulsory to learn the language, however, it can help a lot in the grander scheme of things!

If you invest time into this, then you may also gain back the time from having to use a translator or asking other people for help. It’s a win-win situation, right? 

2. Boost your career aspirations

Language skills can help you become more employable. If you want more avenues to pursue, then invest in learning a new language. When being bilingual, other job opportunities will open up to you, like teaching online with Lingoda for example!

Other than that, multilingual people provide more value to their workforce. Additionally, research shows that being fluent in a second language entitles you to earn up to 15 per cent more than those who are monolingual. If that’s not a good enough sign to invest in learning a new language, what is?!

3. Gain cultural understanding

Embracing a new culture allows you to be more open and flexible. Asides that, you become more appreciative of other people’s views, getting to understand them on another level. Therefore, you should invest in learning a new language if you are ready to explore another culture for character-building.

4. Ready to boost your confidence

It may sound strange, but it’s true. When we lack self-confidence, learning a new language will boost self-esteem and enhance decision-making. At first, it can be scary, but when you start to get positive feedback from people, you will start to radiate confidence and overcome fears. 

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Our final sign you should invest in learning a new language is because it will:

5. Enhance your ability to multi-task

Champion in multi-tasking when you are multilingual! It’s been proven that your ability to switch between language systems takes effect on exercising other tasks too. Develop your ability to learn a new language, simultaneously develop your drive to be more focussed and efficient in other areas of your life.

To recap: The five signs you should invest in learning a new language are motivation to live somewhere else, the yearning to gain cultural awareness, confidence and career-boosting, as well as becoming a multi-tasker.

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