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Adrian, VP Creative and Marketing Operations at Lingoda

Jul 09, 2024

Lingoda’s career stories: Meet Adrian, VP of Creative & Marketing Operations

Building bridges, not barriers. We chat with Lingoda’s Vice President of Creative & Marketing Operations, Adrian. We explore Adrian’s path...

Urte, Team Lead for Lingoda Teams

Jun 05, 2024

Lingoda’s career stories: Meet Urte, Team Lead of Lingoda Teams

Today, we’re interviewing Urte Sinisi, who joined Lingoda in June 2022, inspired by the company’s mission and multifaceted approach. Intrigued...


May 16, 2024

12 great Spanish-speaking athletes you should know about

You may already be familiar with Spanish-speaking athletes like tennis phenom Rafael Nadal and Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona. But...

Sep 29, 2023

Introducing the Lingoda Podcast: Captivating stories for the curious language learner

Hello? Is this thing on? Okay! Gather ‘round and listen closely, because we have something to tell you…Lingoda audio learning...

Woman working as a translator

Sep 09, 2022

How to become a translator: all your questions answered

Looking for a career in languages? Alongside foreign services and the travel industry, becoming a translator is one of the...

Cyclist in front of Perth financial district with a good average Australian salary

May 06, 2022

What is the average salary in Australia?

If you’re living in Australia or planning to move there, you probably want to know what the average salary is....

SMiling woman with an Australian passport and permanent residency

May 05, 2022

How to get permanent residency in Australia

Are you wondering how to stay permanently in Australia? If you’ve fallen in love with the Land Down Under and...

young teen thinking about gap year pros and cons

Apr 25, 2022

Gap year pros and cons: What to consider before you decide

After years of school, it’s understandable to want to take a break. If you’re a secondary student, you may be...

A couple in a van looking for work and travel opportunities in Australia

Feb 18, 2022

How to work and travel in Australia

If you’re thinking about living abroad for a while, why not choose to work and travel in Australia? With an...

woman looking into sick pay in america

Apr 29, 2021

All about sick pay in America

So you’re sick, and you need to take time off work. But what’s worse than being sick? Being sick and...

people working together in the best jobs for people who speak more than one language

Apr 27, 2021

The best jobs where learning another language improves your chances of success

Speaking more than one language helps boost your career. You’re able to look for opportunities and jobs in more than...

woman googling All about holiday (vacation) pay in America

Apr 21, 2021

All about holiday (vacation) pay in America

It’s Monday, you’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You scroll through your phone to double-check your flight status. You gather your...