Brits are obsessed with the weather. Research shows nine in ten Brits talk about the weather every six hours. The fluctuation in climate must be why – one moment the sun can shine and the next it’s raining cats and dogs (raining a lot, if you didn’t know!). 

We’ve comprised ten tips on how to survive British weather because let’s face it if you are planning to go to Britain, you’ll need some tips up your sleeve!

Here’s how to survive the British weather

Take an umbrella everywhere you go 

The most important advice on how to survive British weather is to carry an umbrella with you everywhere you go. You never know when it’s going to rain, trust me! So be prepared and:

Wear a jacket at all times

The second thing is to stay warm. No matter what the weather forecast says, an unexpected shower could appear out of nowhere. Then you must:

Be prepared to talk about it

…all the time. Brits love talking about the weather. Be it small talk or deep chats with friends, the weather is bound to come up in conversation. It can be an icebreaker with someone you don’t know or serving a customer in a restaurant, either way, you must be prepared to talk about it as a way to survive British weather. 

Drink lots of tea

There’s a snowball’s chance in hell (idiom meaning virtually no chance of something happening!) you will survive British weather without a cuppa. Put the kettle on and everything will be OK, be it a windy or rainy day, you will feel instantly better. 

Eat roast dinners

It is very typical for Brits to go to the pub or cook a roast dinner at home the day before the week commences; a chance for the family to come together and soothe their spirits about bad weather. Cooking or eating a roast dinner is a sound way to survive British weather because they are typically eaten in winter when the weather is the worst. 

Go to the pub

What better way to survive British weather than to go to the pub with some friends? Be it a quiz or karaoke night, the Brits love an excuse to go out to the pub.

Stay active

At first, the weather can be confusing if you are not a Brit. Because of the fluctuations in climate, you can adjust to staying inside. The Brits love a good walk, so make the most but remember to take an umbrella!

Go out in nature

Even when it’s raining cats and dogs – a British phrase to describe heavy rain – people will go out in nature. Some other phrases don’t make so much sense, but you can find more about that in the blog below. 

Enjoy some gardening

Come rain or shine, there is gardening to do. Many Brits take pride in their gardens and it is a great way to survive British weather because you see the beauty in what the rain can do to nature. 

Tip: In April, daffodils are delightful to see, sprouting up in every garden. The Brits describe this time of year for the weather as “April showers.”

Don’t lock yourself away

When in Britain, try not to stay indoors when the weather does not permit for a day outside. Do something or you might feel down. It is easily done in the winter when daylight is shortened and the rain doesn’t seem to stop but remember the tips above, as well as these tips on how to survive the winter.

Sorry to say, but the weather in Britain isn’t known to be the best, but everyone is polite enough to talk about it and say sorry about it.

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