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With over 6,000 spoken languages in the world, how do you pick a language to learn?! Of course, it depends on the reason you want to learn. From travelling abroad to broadening your horizons, it is a personal thing. Learning a language, however, can truly help when travelling. We’ve compiled the top ten best languages to learn for travelling purposes, sending you around the world and back again!

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The top 10 best languages you should learn

1. Spanish

Spanish has more native speakers in the world than English, making it the best language to learn when travelling. Learning Spanish will enhance your travel experience and allow you to open up to locals, plus it isn’t a hard second language to learn. Not to mention, it is the official language of 20 countries, opening you up to delightful destinations such as Spain and Mexico. Do you still need more reasons to learn Spanish?!

2. English

Even in a country where English isn’t the first language, someone is bound to speak it because it is the most popular second language. Not only will you be able to connect with everybody, but there’s no need to be afraid to try; 55 countries have English as their second language. Speak confidently like a local by learning with us today.

3. Mandarin Chinese

Besides the fact that the largest amount of people on the planet speak Chinese, it is also a beautiful country with tasty food widely popular around the world. Mandarin Chinese is a tricky language to learn, but don’t be put off, it’s also the best language to learn for business. Although it is one of the hardest languages to learn as an English speaker, imagine the respect you will earn when you go there after learning a whole new alphabet and hand gestures! 

4. Portuguese 

Portuguese is a top language to learn when travelling because of the beautiful beaches awaiting you in Portugal. It is known to have hidden beaches with stunning views out in the middle of nowhere – making it one of the best languages to learn when discovering destinations where locals will only appear who can help you en route! Not to mention it is an easy language to learn, especially if you already know Spanish. 

5. French

France is renowned for its cuisine, fashion and wine. It is a top destination to travel to, making it one of the best languages to learn. Furthermore, many people claim that the French do not speak English, so it is a helpful language to learn before travelling there. On the other hand, many claim their cuisine is the best in the world, making it a language to be most helpful to learn when ordering!

Learn languages at your pace

6. German

German is the most spoken language in Europe, making it one of the best languages to learn when travelling the European continent. German people will respect you much more when trying to speak their language and you will find it easier to enter into the culture after learning the language. But be careful – there are 250 dialects to watch out for! 

7. Hindi

Hindi is the fourth most-spoken language in the world and is the official language of India – land of culture and birthplace of yoga and four religions. The Indian culture is unique and the people are humble and happy to greet you as a tourist. It is one of the best languages to learn when travelling to India because you will get to know the poorer locals on a deeper level of appreciation. 

8. Arabic

Arabic is one of the most important languages to learn due to it being the main language of the Muslim civilisation. It is considered to be the official or co-official language in 25 countries, from Morocco to Yemen. When travelling, it is one of the best languages to learn because it is the fifth most popular spoken language in the world, where the Arab influenced countries offer an extremely authentic experience in cuisine and culture.

9. Italian

Italy is a popular tourist destination due to its cuisine, weather, history, fashion, and culture. It is also known to be the country with the most World Heritage Sites in the world, making it a must language to learn when travelling. It is also the official language of Switzerland and a region of Croatia!

10. Japanese

Last but not least, Japan is a relatively safe country to visit with lush landscapes and fresh fish on offer. It is one of the best languages to learn when travelling because you can learn about ancient Japanese culture and gain respect from locals. Although it is one of the harder languages to learn, you will benefit when ordering food and getting to know local cuisine and culture. 

There you have it! We hope we’ve answered your question of “what is the best foreign language to learn?”. Whatever destination is on your list to travel to, make sure to consider the language to learn to make your experience even better. 

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