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  • 2-month intensive learning challenge
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  • Earn cashback or free classes at the end

How the Language Sprint works

How the Language Sprint works

  • 1. Select your Language Sprint

    Choose your language and pick either the Sprint with 30 classes or the Super Sprint with 60 classes.

  • 2. Book your online classes

    Choose classes by following our curriculum or pick them by topic. Book the day and time that suits you most.

  • 3. Go to class

    Start learning in a small group with a professional teacher. If you attend all classes and follow the rules, you'll receive 50% cashback or more free classes.

  • 4. Hard work leads to big rewards

    Complete our intensive 2-month Language Sprint challenge, and you’ll have your choice of rewards. Choose either 50% cashback or free classes of a higher value as your prize. Watch your language skills soar and continue learning for free even after the challenge ends.

Hear from our Language Sprint students

  • Dasha

    She landed a job at a Michelin Star restaurant in France. Learning French has become a way to fulfil her culinary dreams and has changed her life.

  • Garri

    He loves learning with Lingoda because it’s about more than just taking classes. The personalised study area has really helped keep him motivated and track his progress.

  • Rosie

    Her motivation to learn German increased when she discovered that Lingoda’s flexible schedule would work around her busy work and home life.

Over 14.000 students won the Language Sprint ™ and earned over €9M cashback

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Why choose Lingoda?

  • Live and online

    Our online classes are live on Zoom, take 60 minutes and are held by experienced teachers from all over the world.

  • Immersive learning environment

    With only 3-5 students and a native-level teacher in the class, you have time to practise speaking and will get individual feedback.

  • Beginner to advanced

    We offer German and English classes from A1-C1 and Spanish, French and Business English classes from A1-B2. Choose the level that works best for you.

Frequently asked questions

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