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❝ One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞

‒Frank Smith

Everyday, our team receives comments and feedback from our customers.

Our personal advisors are able to build personal relationships with their students, who in turn provide us with highly valuable reviews of our service.

Because we have made it our mission to offer high quality language courses, we are thrilled to receive messages from them rating Lingoda. Their opinion and their feedback motivate us to work even harder to make sure each and every one of them is satisfied with her or his experience learning with us. Therefore, we would like to thank our students for taking the time to send their thoughts about our service.

And now, here are some of their reviews of Lingoda, which we are glad to be able to share with you on this page.


  • “Very good standards, very well organized. Very good idea to assign a person to help each student individually, excellent customer service. Teacher quality also very good, my teacher Steffi was very patient and always willing to explain things as many times as required. Yes, I would recommend you and I am quite happy with your company’s service. You are doing things right.”
  • “Lingoda worked perfectly for my son, the scheduling was very easy and flexible. He got a lot out of his 10 private lessons this summer and will do it again next summer.”
  • “So far, I have received excellent service and step-to-step instructions to a smooth start, very professional.”
  • “Indeed, all the teachers are very helpful, as well as the schedule, is comfortable 24/7 for everyone and in every corner of the word.”
  • “The teachers are really kind and well educated and i’m really satisfied with what I’ve learned.”
  • “I would recommend Lingoda because you offer a wide range of possibilities and i really assume that this is the best way to improve my English.”
  • “Lingoda is a very convenient way to learn languages, until now, i feel it is a very friendly website. and seems quite easy to understand everything. I’d like to recommend it to my friends.”
  • “Everything regarding Lingoda is great! I am mostly working with Daniel, who is located in Indonesia and suits me perfectly in terms of the time difference. So far, I am doing well and I am happy with Lingoda.”
  • “Classes are great, I like all the teachers. I really learn new things from them and I enjoy having classes with Lingoda.”
  • “The teachers are very friendly, attentive and available. The lessons are very interesting and allow me to learn a lot!”
  • “I really enjoy my classes, learn a lot and have a nice time as well!”
  • “Beautiful lesson full of practical examples. I am very satisfied with this lesson. Thanks a lot Sonja, this one was one of the best I have ever had at Lingoda. Thank you Lingoda!”