Unlock your potential
in the workplace!

Get a promotion or find a great new job by joining the Lingoda Business English Marathon.

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Business English Marathon

Learn fast!

In just three months,
the Lingoda Business English Marathon
will prepare you with all
the spoken and written English skills
you need in the workplace.

You’ll learn with
native speaking teachers
from different backgrounds
with the workplace knowledge
you need to succeed.

Native speaking teachers

Busy at work already?
Don’t worry.
Book classes around
your schedule at any time
including evenings and weekends,
or first thing in the morning.

Flexible schedule

Business English with Lingoda.
The best way to advance in your career!

What are the benefits
of learning business English?


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Perfect for intermediate learners
  • Conflict solving
  • Working with contracts
  • Hiring new staff
  • Customer service
  • Presentation skills
  • Phone communication
  • Business travel
  • Writing reports
  • Office culture
  • Business correspondence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Participating in meetings

Learning English opens the door
to careers all over the world.
Plus it can help contribute
to your visa or residency.

Work in another country!

Learning English can help
you get a new job, or a promotion.
It’s also highly desirable
for any employer that has
an international business.

Increase your earning potential

Communicate effectively
with everyone from your colleagues,
to international clients.
Build trust and develop strong
business relationships.

Widen your influence

It is estimated that 50% of research
is originally published in English.
Getting the latest insights
can make all the difference
when submitting a report
or giving a presentation.

Deepen your knowledge

Perfect for intermediate learners
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