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YouTube is an extraordinary tool to use when learning anything these days. From learning to play the piano to putting a vacuum bag in or exploring a language, YouTube is free and accessible for all. There’s many teachers on YouTube so here are the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish. 

6 YouTube channels for learning Spanish

Hayley Alexis

Hayley is a YouTuber who is honest and open. You can find her explaining everything you need to know about Spanish and the assumptions people make about her. Her charismatic character will allow you to learn Spanish with her on a relatable level, so sit back and relax!

Spanish and Go

Jim and May from Spanish and Go are YouTubers who reckon learning a language just one hour a day can go a long way. May is a native Spanish speaker and Jim has been learning the language for some time. He’s a very motivating and natural speaker who talks about the Lingoda Sprint being the best way to learn a language side from going to the country. Spanish and Go are all about immersion, and even offer language learning immersive tours and holidays!

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Sergi believes the best way to learn a language doesn’t always have to involve living in a Spanish-speaking country, but to be a part of the Lingoda Sprint! He speaks with clarity and is friendly and enthusiastic when outlining the plan. He is the best YouTube channel to learn Spanish if you need a boost of energy and enthusiasm to go further. 

Milar Memories

This couple take you on a tour of their everyday life and lets you see what it’s like to learn a language “behind closed doors”. From taking you to grab a coffee to the cinema, you get to learn on-the-go with them and see real life situations they act out. If you want a YouTuber to help you learn everyday situations, then go for this pair! 

Iryna Fedchenko

This happy go lucky lady is very animated and enthusiastic. Iryna explains everything clearly by pronouncing every word very well so you won’t have a problem to keep up and understand her! Become excited about learning with Iryna as she explains how you can learn Spanish hope and happiness.

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Maria Espanol

Maria Espanol highlights some extremely effective tools to learn Spanish both on and offline. She enacts conversations out with herself in the videos that can be quite funny and creative! Watching her videos, she pronounces everything very well and offers a unique experience in learning Spanish online. 

There are many YouTubers that let you learn a language with them, but we have listed the top seven teachers of Spanish above. Catch them on YouTube and learn Spanish with more enthusiasm and connection.

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