Learning a language can be tough. Throughout the process, you go through ups and downs – one minute, you think you’ve mastered a language and feel positive, the next, you are fed up of memorising and feel mesmerised by a TV show to let your memory go. Losing motivation is common – don’t beat yourself up about it! 

Tips on how to remain positive while language learning

Take breaks

First and foremost, “language learning burnout” is a thing. Didn’t you know? Me neither! Well, it seems to be discussed all over the internet and according to HuffPost, “the secret lies in knowing when to rest.” In other words, take breaks and restore your energy levels.

Language learning takes up a lot of brainpower and many emotional stages are involved. So before you hit rock bottom and burnout, remain positive by disconnecting from any words or sounds around you and:

Once you learn how to disconnect while language learning, you will become more at ease. After all, learning a new language should be fun and make you excited – it is also a process, so don’t expect to know how to hold a conversation with an English person after learning the language for a few weeks or months. Remain positive by practising and process by chilling out – your mind needs time to digest, remember.

Our next tip on how to remain positive while language learning concerns the fact that we all learn at different rates, so:

Set a routine and targets

Due to language learning being dependent on the approach, attitude, and attentiveness of the learner, targets can help you realise your potential and recognise your progress. Sometimes we want it all. We feel we must be productive every second of the day and still feel OK – it doesn’t work that way! We need to take a break and set targets, this way language learning becomes a part of our routine.

Make a routine from the start of your day to the end and notice early on what time of the day you feel more alert when language learning. We all have specific times of the day we have more brainpower, so figure it out for yourself by setting a routine, then the targets can come to shape.

If we assume a positive attitude and awareness, language learning becomes a passion more of a duty! When you find your flow, then you can change up the ways in which you learn a language.

For example, in the morning language learning could entail listening to the radio, and then doing some listening activities and journaling. Later on in the evening, your brain probably wants to unwind, so practising yoga with a teacher, ringing a friend or watching a TV show would help.

So how to remain positive while language learning all comes down to boosting yourself on the journey, not bringing yourself down. Stop doubting and start learning with an open mind and curiosity. If you get stressed out, don’t worry – learning a language improves your patience, that’s for sure!

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