Available in German, English and Italian

Achieve your language goal together with a dedicated team

  • Structured and pre-booked schedule
  • Fixed classmates and teachers
  • All the benefits of an offline school, from home

What is Lingoda Teams?

  • Structured, pre-booked schedule

    With a set learning schedule, you build a routine and make fast progress together with your team. All classes will be pre-booked for you, so you can focus on learning.

  • Fixed classmates and teachers

    Benefit from learning in a small group of 6 students – all on the same language level. Get support and guidance from dedicated teachers and make significant progress.

  • Like an offline school, from home

    Enjoy the ability to join your classes from anywhere. Missed a class? No problem! Simply purchase a credit for a group or 1:1 session on the missed topic.

Over 100K language learners trust our expert curriculum and award-winning courses

How does Lingoda Teams work?

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At the moment Lingoda only offers Teams for German, English and Italian. We can notify you, once it is available for your language or level. In the meantime, keep learning with our other courses.

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  • Not up for Teams?

    Take a more flexible learning approach with Flex or join our learning challenge with Sprint.

  • Flex

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    Build your own language journey – for learners who want more flexibility.

    • Learn anytime – at your pace
    • Cancel or change intensity every 4 weeks
    • Group or 1-on-1 private classes
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  • Sprint

    2-month challenge with big rewards – for learners who want extra motivation.

    • Earn 50 % cashback or more in class credits
    • Group classes with 3–5 students
    • 30 or 60 classes in 2 months
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Frequently asked questions

  • Lingoda Teams currently offers Italian, German and English intensive courses only. You will be able to sign up for one of the following levels: German A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3. English: A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2. Italian: A1.1

Learn English, German or Italian in a small international group

Especially for beginners on levels A1 to B1 who want or need to learn English, German or Italian fast, learning in a group can be the key to success. And Lingoda is right here to help you ignite your skills and take them to the next level. We offer immersive English, German and Italian lessons to those that are looking to study, work or move abroad.

Have a look at Lingoda’s German Online Courses: German Private 1:1 Courses, German Conversation Courses, German Evening Classes for busy people, German Grammar Courses, German Reading Courses.

In-depth full-time English, German and Italian language courses

Our intensive online English, German and Italian courses are perfect for those who want to study, work or move to an English, German or Italian-speaking country. Lingoda’s lessons are structured in a way that keeps you on target – it just needs a bit of your own commitment. Our classes are immersive and exposing you to the language you learn from the start, so you can use and practise it from day one at work, school and with friends in your new home. And now you learn with a dedicated group of classmates to share learnings and successes with.

Learning a new language may not be as easy as it sounds but here at Lingoda we have formulated our courses to help you have a great start on your English, German or Italian language studies. Our intensive English, German or Italian courses are well detailed and properly structured to help you and the other students in your Learning Team stay on track. With our immersive online classes, you will be able to express yourself at work, school or even among your friends and relatives in no time.

Intensive English, German and Italian courses for learners and expats in small groups

If you are looking for an intensive English, German or Italian course online, then brace yourself for a dynamic language learning journey that will not only reduce the time you spend commuting, but also offer an interactive method that will play a major role in helping you to learn English, German or Italian quickly and easily. Now all with the joy of meeting like-minded international classmates and with the same dedicated native-level English, German and Italian teachers to guide you.
Our interactive method is designed so you can learn English, German and Italian easily and quickly.

A German language school from the comfort of your home

Rather than having to commute to a German school in the city, with Lingoda Teams, you can take classes from home, saving time and energy. Lingoda specialises in offering high-quality German language classes near you. And Lingoda Teams offers fixed class times, assigned teachers and the chance to learn with the same students for the duration of the course—all the benefits of an offline language school from home. With our experienced teachers and interactive online platform, you can immerse yourself in the German language and culture right from your living room.