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90 classes

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***If your level of English is already advanced, C1 or above, this option is recommended.

*Price includes a cashback** for the respective learning plan

**Cashback is given for attending a minimum 90% of classes within a Marathon period:

Quarter Marathon - attend 40 classes out of 45

Half Marathon - attend 80 classes out of 90

Full Marathon - attend 160 classes out of 180

How does a free trial period work?

Choose your learning plan and enjoy a free 7-day trial period including 3 group classes or 1 private class as per your selected option. Your free trial lasts for 7 full days from the moment of creating an account. A one-off payment for the selected Marathon is processed automatically right after your free trial ends unless you cancel your order before the end of free trial.

What if I want to cancel my learning plan?

Usually, you only have 7 days during your free trial week to cancel your order. However, if you decide not to learn with us after the end of your free trial week, please contact our Customer Support Team within the first 7 days of your payment being taken. If you haven't used any paid credits yet, they will be able to help you cancel your order.

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